Volunteering made easy!

It takes many jobs and skills to make JN Long Cultural Arts Center function smoothly.

Would you like to be more involved, but don’t know how to help?

Tell us what you like to do and we’ll find a job for you. Work your own hours, meet new friends, and know that you are a part of building something great.

Email cleburnefca@gmail.com

Don’t have time to work, but would like to join or donate? Click here: http://cleburneculturalarts.com/?page_id=418

What are Your Skills?

Are you friendly? (Can you greet visitors? Invite new members?)

Can you talk in front of a group? Make presentations to other clubs?

Can you socialize with other groups? Attend mixers and spread the word?

Do you have contacts with other artists, photographers, and artisans? If so, which?

Can you write a news release? Post to a blog?

Do you have internet skills? Email, Facebook, uploading photographs.

Can you plan an event?

Can you decorate a space?

Can you come up with ideas for programs?

Do you mind helping move chairs and tables?

Are you a carpenter or fixit person?

Do you like to garden?

Can you work Saturdays? Manning the gift shop, handing out keys to rented spaces, answering phone.

Can you work Sundays from 1-4 pm? Same as Saturday jobs.

Can you do grant writing? Do you know sources of grants?

Can you make videos?

Are you a musician?

Are you an entertainer?

Do you have other skills that might be useful?

Miscellaneous jobs:

Change letters on sign

Pick up trash on grounds, recycle aluminum cans

Repair flower bed and landscape timbers on campus. Plant flowers.

Paint and touch up of walls.

Install birdhouses in trees.

Invite your other groups to tour the building.

If you’d like, you can answer more questions by copying and pasting this questionnaire into your email, answer the questions, and email to cleburnefca@gmailWe will then suggest areas where you might help.