The First Year as a Cultural Arts Complex

The First Year at the JN Long Cultural Arts Complex

September 29, 2013 to October, 2014


Sept 29         Unlocked the door to JN Long with our own set of keys for the first time

Oct 5              Planted Children’s Garden with Iris & Daylily Society

Oct 12           Received donated furniture for Visitors Center

Oct 15           Received donated art from Henry Long

Oct 27           Prepared for Celebrate the Arts Festival

Nov 2            Celebrate the Arts Festival

Nov 7            Art Guild has first guest artist demo in art room

Dec 6             Gift Shop opens at JN Long

Dec 11           Camera Club and Art Guild joint Christmas Party with Steve Schick in gym

Dec 12           Texas Taletwisters Christmas Party


Jan 14            First flower – a dandelion

Jan 25            Community seed swap, potluck, and music jam

Jan 30            First Paint In by Art Guild

Jan 31            First Art Class – watercolor by Ann Winchester

Feb 5             Received US Flag from Woodmen of the World

Feb 6             Second guest artist, Art Guild

Feb 8             First Herb Study Group meets

Feb 9             First Stamp Camp meets (papercrafting)

Feb 10           Work on restoring the JN Long banner

Feb 12           US and Texas Flags raised for first time

Feb 17           First flowers other than Dandelions

Children stock the herb club library

Feb 18           Texas Taletwisters Writers meet, Kat Goldring speaks

Feb 28           Gift shop fully stocked

Feb 22           Second potluck and music jam

Feb 23           Office made functional, phones installed, wifi installed

Feb 25           Fairy Gardens planted in 3rd floor window boxes by Pat McHale

Mar 6             Jeff Goode artist demo

Mar 10          Spring flowers and birds

Mar 21          Texas Tech asks for and receives historic newspapers published by Nellises

Mar 22          Potluck and music jam

April 1           Hall of fame music teacher Debbie Bridgewater begins teaching strings

April 3           Famed artist Bruce Peil does two day workshop

April 11        Art gallery painted, readied for exhibit

April 12        Birdbath installed

April 13        Marshall Islanders donated candlenut, cowrie shell necklaces in appreciation

April 17        Baby Grand piano, organ donated

April 19        Iris and Daylily Show

April 27        Birdhouses installed

May 1            Gallery finished and ready to hang

May 1            Dina Gregory does art demo

May 2            Art and photos checked in for People’s Choice Exhibit

May 8            Man in 70s learns violin, a 50 year dream

May 10          First art and photo exhibit opens – People’s Choice

May 22          Summer classes readied

May 24          Noted photographer and author Tim Ostermeyer visits

Potluck and Music Jam

June 1           Awards and Reception for People’s Choice show

June 2           Ballet and Tap lessons started

June 4           Noted poet Ann McCrady visits, speaks to poets

Jun 7              Summer classes preview

Jun 9              J. M. Kilpatrick collection donated, exhibited

Jun 16           Toured the annexes

Jun 19           Hammond organ tested, played by expert organist, good report

Jun 26           Guitar lessons begin

July 15          Dina Gregory art workshop

July 23          Baby Grand Piano tuned

July 23          Cindy Miller joins artist staff, donated fiber arts videos

July 24          The J. M. Kirkpatrick family visits the J. M. Kirkpatrick collection

July 26          Potluck and Music Jam moved to cafeteria

July 30          Readying for children’s art show

Aug 1             Children’s Art Show, produced by Danelle Carr

Aug 2             Herb Club puts on Summer Thyme Festival

Aug 7             New chairs placed for use

Aug 9             Grant Writing Seminar Held

Aug 13          “Frozen” minicamps for children

Aug 15          Second art and photo show opens, members only entries

Aug 16          Antique cameras donated, James England painting donated

Aug 23          Sleepy Read’s painting of the Hood County courthouse donated

Sept 2           Keys to Annexes acquired

Sept 8           Gift of yarn and books to start Fiber Arts Room

Sept 9           Drawing lessons begin

Sept 11         Readying for Fall Art and Photo Show

Sept 12         Firemen carry donated bookcases upstairs

Sept 13         Cleburne Camera Club moves into annex room

Iris & Daylily Sale

Fall Art and Photo Show opens

Sept 15         Noted artist Doug Prine judges art entries

Sept 17         Free library and book swap opens

Sept 18         Awards and reception for Fall Art & Photo Show

Sept 28         Heritage Assembly visits, tours, has tea

Oct 2              Art demo

Oct 4              Cultural Arts Business Expo Booth

Oct 6              Camera Club meets for first time in annex room

Oct 6              Tom Connors opens up for art lessons at JN Long