Thanks to ..

Thanks to the Heritage Assembly for donations for the past two years.

Thanks to Mairead F. Hand for a cash donation.

Thanks to AGE Industries for donating a computer.

Thanks to Rachel Thalken for donating two printers.

Thanks to Sharon L. Walker and the Generations Center for a large donation of furniture, 2 computers, 3 file cabinets, office supplies, refrigerator, library table, and professional booth display.

Thanks to Bettye Cook for donating an LP record collection.

Thanks to Weavers Nursery, Patrick’s Cleburne Floral and A Little Bens for furnishing plants for the Celebrate the Arts festival Nov. 2

Thanks to Robert and Glenda Force for donating a large amount of art display boards, shelves, pegboard, furniture, and cash.

Thanks to Henry and Ellen Long for donating six pieces of artwork, including two original George Hallmarks. These will go in our Visitors Center for now.

Thanks to Carrie McLaughlin for donating paper plates, napkins, kitchen items and gift bags

Thanks to many Art Guild members for donating paintings to Gift Shop.

Thanks to Patrice Richter of Papa Murphy’s Pizza for donating pickup load of doors, shelves.

Thanks to Pinnacle Bank for donating $100 cash.

Thanks to Dallas Bradley for two doors.

Thanks to Alden and Micki Nellis and CPU Computers for donating computers, computer equipment and expertise.

Thanks to Brad and Diane Gilbert for donating a white portable 8′ folding table.

Thanks to Jim McHale for many hours of carpentry work and lending the portable sign out front.

Thanks to go-getters Charlotte Lawson for facilitating donations, and to Estelle Stepherson for giving many needed items.