Sale of the JN Long campus – the facts

Here are the facts re the JN Long Campus.

The Cleburne Friends of the Cultural Arts leased it from CISD a year ago and turned it into a Cultural Arts Complex, using all volunteer labor and privately donated goods and money. CISD has now decided they don’t want to own the building anymore, and have put it out for bids, which are due Nov. 10. Bid opening is Nov 17.

Cleburne Friends of the Cultural Arts has a clause in their lease that gives them first right of refusal. In other words, CFCA can match the highest bid and buy the property. There is no way to know the bid amounts before the bid openings.

CISD has given CFCA notice to vacate by Dec 31 if they are not able to buy the property.

CFCA would like to own the building and continue to run it as a Cultural Arts Complex. The building will be 100 years old next year. The second floor hall is filled with Sleepy Read murals, and there is a JN Long History Exhibit on the third floor. CFCA’s hope is that we can buy the building, preserve it, and help the Cultural Arts flourish in Cleburne.

If you want to help, you may donate to help us buy the building. We are a 501c3 nonprofit, so donations are tax deductible. Mail checks to CFCA, PO Box 2424, Cleburne Texas 76033. We can also take Paypal, but it costs us around 3%. Email money to via

If you want a tour, come by 425 Granbury Street, Cleburne, between 10 and 4 Mon thru Sat.

Thanks for any and all support. Email

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