Event Rental Policy

J.N. Long Cultural Arts Complex Event Rental Policy

Payment Policy

  1. 1/2 Cleaning Deposit must be paid at the time of rental
  2. 1/2 Rental Fee must be paid at the time of rental.
  3. Final 1/2 Rental Fee and Cleaning Deposit  must be paid 15 days prior to the event date or the contract is subject to cancellation.
  4. Rent and Cleaning Deposit checks will be deposited in the bank at the time of receipt.
  5. Cleaning deposits not picked up 90 days after notified by phone/email will be considered donations to CFCA and not refunded.
  6. An inconvenience fee of $20 will be charged when a representative of JN Long arrives to lock up and the event is still in progress.
  7. Renter will pay regular hourly rate for each additional hour not on the contract. (Future rentals not allowed until charges are paid.)

Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancelling within 20 days of event will result in forfeiture of ½ rental fee. Cleaning deposit will be returned.
  2. All changes to rental agreements must be made in person by the original signer at J.N. Long Cultural Arts Complex, ie change in hours, change in date.

Insurance Policy

  1. All renters will be required to obtain special event insurance, as well as liquor liability (if applicable) in amounts of no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 Aggregate.
  2.  Renters will also name J.N. Long Cultural Arts Complex as additional insured on the policy and provide a certificate of insurance to J.N. Long Cultural Arts Complex that states coverage is in force.
  3. Organizations may present a certificate of insurance listing J.N. Long Cultural Arts Complex as additionally insured on their existing policy.
  4. Failure to provide a certificate of insurance at least 15 days prior to the event may result in cancellation of the rental agreement.

Set-Up and Cleaning Policy

  1. Events of 4 or more hours will be allowed 1 hour setup/1 hour cleanup. 
  2. Less than 4 hours will be allowed ½ hour setup/cleanup.

All specific equipment requests must be made with the designated CFCA Facilities Manager.


Guidelines – Use of Leased Space at JN Long Cultural Arts complex



  • NO water activities, amusement devices, inflatables (bounce houses), rides or animals


  • Children must be under adult supervision anyplace on JN Long Complex including inside and outside.
  • No Smoking on Premises
  • No Firearms on Premises
  • No Glass Bottles on Premises
  • No Hard Liquor Allowed
  • No Drunk or Disorderly Conduct Allowed
  • No climbing on furniture, tables, chairs.
  • Renter is responsible for ALL damage to the property.
  • Keep all doors/windows closed when heat or A/C are running.
  • Parking lot/outdoor areas are not part of the rental – keep your party indoors.
  • Volume must be controlled to not create a nuisance. City Noise Ordinance in effect at 8:00 pm.


  • Setup is renters responsibility.
  • Tables, chairs etc must be returned where they came from.
  • Do not stack chairs over 5 high.


  • Vacuum carpeted areas or sweep and mop hard floors
  • Empty all trash receptacles
  • Check and clean bathrooms and empty trash receptacles
  • Remove all trash bags to the outside dumpster behind the cafeteria on Shaw Street.
  • Remove all decorations including tape on walls.
  • Pick up trash outside of building and deposit in dumpster
  • Turn off all lights
  • Lock and secure all doors and windows upon exiting.