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Cleburne Friends of the Cultural Arts Mission: to enhance the quality of life in Cleburne and Johnson County by building a strong Cultural Arts Community and increasing public awareness of the arts.

CFCA has brought together many cultural arts groups who share their ideas, brainstorms, and common goals. We have incorporated people from several organizations into our 9-member board.

In March of 2015 CFCA purchased the entire JN Long complex at 425 Granbury Street from Cleburne ISD. CFCA now owns the 2.4 acres and five buildings lock, stock and barrel.

CFCA has taken on a huge but exciting task of converting this historic campus into a dynamic Cultural Arts Complex while preserving the historic main building built in 1915. Volunteers are always welcome. We invite you to come be a part of something great.  Go to http://cleburneculturalarts.com/?page_id=814

Donations in any amount are always welcome. There are many opportunities for sponsors to invest in the project and show their support of the cultural arts. From a simple donation to a sustaining pledge , we welcome all levels of support. http://cleburneculturalarts.com/?page_id=814

Individual membership are only $10 per year.

The Cultural Arts Complex will enrich the community, help make Cleburne a Destination City, and provide a venue for various cultural arts events. In short, the Cultural Arts Complex will be the nucleus and enabler for a growing, enthusiastic cultural arts community which will attract people from a wide area.

The Cultural Arts Complex fits well with the concept of the Master Plan for Cleburne. It will help the city’s dream of an increased flow of people from Highway 121. The Cultural Arts Complex is privately funded, privately promoted, and privately manned and operated. Area businesses will benefit from increased tourism. The City will benefit by greater tax collections.

Cultural Arts are a vital and indispensable element of our complex economic universe and bring in 19.8% of the total tourism in Texas. The Arts are a vital element of educational success, being linked to superior student performance across a broad range of measures. (See pages 40-49 of the Cultural Arts Complex Development Plan.)

Officers are Alden Nellis, president; Jim McHale, vice president; Sherry Clark, secretary; and Mary Etta Cochran, treasurer. Other Board members are Dallas Bradley, Jeff Wright, LaVerne Pyle, Denise Dozier and Charlotte Lawson.

With much hard work, we have established a solid foundation for developing a strong cultural arts community. The CFCA Facebook page has about 1200 “friends.” The Arts Calendar, created by Micki Nellis of CFCA, is always online and up to date and gets about 69,000 hits a month. The weekly “Arts Express – This Week in Cleburne” email reaches about 1600, plus web visitors. See http://www.cleburneculturalarts.com.

CFCA staged the first annual Celebrate the Arts festival November 3, 2012. We had 11 stage shows and 26 manned cultural arts exhibits. About 500 visitors enjoyed the day. It was such a success that we made it an annual event for the first Saturday in November. In 2013, the November 2 Celebrate the Arts Festival was even bigger with more participation, and was held at the new JN Long Cultural Arts Complex. CFCA just got the keys a month earlier.

The CFCA obtained a Cultural Arts Complex by leasing the JN Long campus at 425 Granbury Street from Cleburne ISD in 2013, with lease renewal rights and right of first refusal to purchase. This was a major milestone and was one of the first goals of CFCA. We got the keys in October, put on a Celebrate the Arts Festival November 2, opened our Gift Shop December 7, and as of January 13, 2014, the Visitor Center, Office and Gift Shop were open six days a week.

Hours are Monday thru Saturday, 10-4. Phone number for the Cultural Arts Center and Gift Shop is 817-641-4908.